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A recent episode of Esquire’s Best Bars took a different route - instead of focusing on a city, they highlighted the best hotel bars all across the country.  During the introduction, they also featured a great new song from Dave Tweedie’s (from Jet Stream and Mustachio) new project, El Presidente.  The track is called “Here We Go” and we haven’t been able to find anywhere online to listen to it, so if anybody can help us out that would be great, because we don’t have enough space on the DVR to keep this episode on their forever just to listen to this track.

Dave Tweedie on SoundCloud

Dark, moody pop music is in these days - just look at Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd.  In Episode 15 of Season 3 on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, we were introduced to another effortlessly cool artist treading through dark waters in New York duo ASTR.  Their song “We Fall Down” gives us a tantalizing taste of their moody, cinematic synth pop - listen for it playing during a scene where Mimi hears a rumor that Nikko is married and drives straight to his house to find out the truth.  

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This week’s episode of Switched At Birth, “Girl On The Cliff,” gave us a good look at a new project from Adam Pallin (one half of the duo Little Jackie) called Splash.  The band’s song “Girl Is A Queen” played when Mr. Z won’t let the kids into the prom, and this hum-a-long anthem does a great job of mixing folk-inspired melodies with garage rock instrumentation and energy.  You can check out the full episode on ABC Family’s site by clicking here or on the image above.

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You’d be hard pressed to find any 90s kids that didn’t devote many hours of their childhood to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and we are certainly no exceptions.  The cult following that Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael have amassed certainly have given this film almost unfair expectations, but we won’t let that spoil our excitement for now.  A new TV trailer has just been released, and it really whets our appetite for TMNT 2014 by using “Bitter Rivals” by Sleigh Bells as a backdrop to the turtles’ exploits.  

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DirecTV’s Audience Network has just served up a double dosage of X Ambassadors in this just-released promo clip for their upcoming show Kingdom, which features “Unsteady” and the band’s mega-hit collaboration with Jamie N. Commons, “Jungle.”  Starring Frank Grillo and Nick Jonas (yes, that Jonas), Kingdom is a drama centered around a family’s MMA gym, and the trailer above is certainly intriguing and the musical selections from X Ambassadors are a perfect compiment. Like the Beats Game Before the Game and plenty of other ads have shown us, “Jungle” certainly gets the blood pumping, and “Unsteady” also holds its own when played next to the behemoth ”Jungle.” 

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Fellow Bohemian’s “Beacon” always seems to find it’s way into gritty dramas - Showtime’s Shameless has used the song multiple times, and it was also wisely used in the John Cusack crime thriller The Bag Man.

The latest episode of A&E’s Longmire, “Counting Coup” is yet another example of a great, gritty drama picking up on the heavy vibes of “Beacon” which muscles forward with a Black Key’s style rumble. The song plays during a scene where Walt and Vic enter the Casino opening party to confront Jacob about David Ridges.  A&E has the full episode available for streaming on their site - click here or on the image above to check it out. 

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Reckless is a brand new legal drama on CBS, and while so far they’re having a hard time distinguishing themselves from the countless other shows in this genre that have been made over the years, each episode has gotten a little bit better, and the latest episode, “Stand Your Ground” featured some fantastic music from a couple old favorites that we haven’t heard from in awhile. 

First, “Home” by Great Northern plays while Jamie and Preston are having dinner at a restaurant when he notes she’s distracted; she has a question to ask him but they get interrupted before she can.  The Los Angeles band has always had a wide, cinematic scope to their music, and “Home” fits here just perfectly.  

Next, there’s singer/songwriter Charlie Calleja’s “So Very Long,” which plays Lee Anne waking up in bed with Arliss. She kisses him awake and they talk.  Calleja’s soothing brand of songwriting recalls Nick Drake, while his voice is almost like that of a British Dave Matthews.

You can stream the entire episode on the CBS website by clicking here or on the image above. 

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