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Starz has just launched a new action crime drama called Power, which is produced by none other than rap megastar 50 Cent.  The show follows Ghost, a night club owner who is also involved in the drug business, but trying to leave and focus on his legitimate business. 

The latest episode, “I Gotta Go” also features “Ain’t No Party” by Rootbeer (a side project group for Pigeon John and Flynn Adam).  This infectious jam plays when Pink Sneakers changes into clear shoes and hides her gun in a hidden spot in a wall.  Nomar tracks down Ruiz at a strip club and gives him a smuggled imported snake.

You can watch an episode preview in the clip above, and Starz subscribers can stream the full episode via StarzPlay by clicking here.

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Brett Ratner’s upcoming blockbuster adaptation of Hercules has just rolled out a new TV spot, and it features not only the exploits of Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock in the titular roll, but also perhaps the action anthem of 2014 - “Jungle” by Jamie N. Commons and X Ambassadors. Check out the spot above - the movie is due in theaters July 25 and will hopefully make everyone forget about The Legend of Hercules, the regrettable film that came out earlier this year.

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Marc Jacobs’ new Daisy Dream ad campaign has been given a gauzy, dreamy feel, thanks in equal parts to direction from Sofia Coppola, and the hypnotizing sounds of “End of the Line” by Sleigh Bells.  You can check out the ad above, and for those of you who think Sleigh Bells can’t do anything other than pierce ear drums, give “End of the Line” a listen and maybe you’ll re-think your position.

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The Game Before The Game campaign by Beats is seemingly everywhere these days, and no doubt World Cup fever has helped fuel this fire…well, that and the explosively catchy hit at the center of the campaign, “Jungle” by Jamie N. Commons and X Ambassadors.  

The latest in a series of ads for this campaign has just dropped, and this France-centered spot also features Jamie N. Commons and X Ambassadors performing.  Check it out above.

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MTV’s Catfish is one of the most original shows they’ve put together…granted that’s not a terribly high standard (but we’re not complaining, MTV reality shows are a definite guilty pleasure), but the show is definitely the strongest reality show they have in their lineup.

Episode 9 which aired last week also featured a really strong new tune that we just had to share with you called “Luminous” by Alice and the Glass Lake. The Brooklyn-based, Wisconsin-bred dreamer is perhaps best known for her remix of Washed Out’s classic “Paracosm,” but her own music has plenty to say on it’s own.  Her dreamy soundscapes, heavy beats and a hypnotizing voice are sure to make fans of Frou Frou/Imogen Heap, Washed Out, and Toro y Moi happy.  

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MTV’s new series Finding Carter was just given a two-episode premiere, and early returns are promising.  The series, which stars Kathryn Prescott of Skins fame, centers on Carter, a teenage girl who discovers her mother abducted her as a child.  

This search-for-identity drama has a nice new twist on this story, and the second episode of the premiere also featured a great tune - “Ever Love” by Beginners.  The song plays when Carter and Gabe walk through the halls of their high school after Carter fakes a panic attack to get the day off. Gabe wants to spend the day with Carter, but she objects. Carter notices OFE and a group of kids.

For those of you who don’t already know Beginners, they’re a relatively new band that features members Samantha Barbera and Nicholas Ruth from one of our all-time favorite bands, Malbec.  While they retain all the pop hooks and electronic ear candy that put their other work on the map, Beginners also add a grittier element, making them closer to Phantogram or Chromatics than The Postal Service or Foster The People.  

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Happy Birthday ‘Merica!  After taking a deserved (we think) break to celebrate and then recover from celebrating America, we’re back to give you the scoop on some great tunes that popped up while we were gone.

Esquire’s Best Bars recently headed down to Austin, and for everyone whose ever been to SXSW before, you know how great of a town for wandering into water holes Austin is.  This episode really got us to give them a thumbs up when they used “Beacon” by Fellow Bohemian.  You can check out a quick teaser clip above, and click here to stream the entire episode on Esquire’s website.

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We’ve long thought that Ferraby Lionheart is one of his generation’s most gifted songwriters, and a there’s no better proof than “Do What You Like” a song from his side project, Oxford that is featured in the indie black comedy A Short History of Decay.  The film stars Bryan Greenberg as Nathan Fisher, a failed Brooklyn writer, who visits his ailing parents in Florida after being dumped by his girlfriend. Though we have never claimed to be film critics, we did fall in love with this film’s great mix of heart and laughs.  

You can watch the trailer above, and if you see the movie, you can listen for the tune during a scene in the car with Alex (Rebecca Dayan) on the way to lunch.

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We just saw 22 Jump St this weekend, and in our humble opinion, this one case where the sequel outshines the original.  Maybe it’s because Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are more believable as college aged people than high schoolers, or maybe it’s because of some of the music, but that’s our knee-jerk reaction.

Speaking of the music, we’ve embedded a featurette above that shows the making of some of the Spring Break action party sequences, during which Jenko (Tatum) and Schmidt (Hill) chase down the drug dealers on the beach as Diplo performs “Express Yourself” and “Freak.”  

Another long-time Scene On TV favorite artist also had a song in the movie when M83’s “Midnight City” played during a scene where Schmidt stays up all night talking with Maya.  

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Have y’all got World Cup Fever?  Scratch that, dumb question, of course you do.  Adidas is tapping into World Cup hysteria with their new #VamosLeo app, which is an official news and social buzzfeed for the Argentinian superstar.  The first in a series of their ads can be seen above, and it features music from local LA hip-hop stalwart Flynn Adam. Adam is best known for his membership in the hip-hop groups L.A. Symphony and Rootbeer, both of which featured SceneOnTV favorite-rapper Pigeon John.  

The rest of the commercials in the series can be viewed at :

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