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Songs on Shameless, Collected

We are ending our series of clips from this past week’s Shameless episode “It’s Time to Kill the Turtle,” with the fantastic track “Yellow” by The Teeth. With it’s Mo-town indebted bass and brass section, “Yellow” shows that this Philly-bred band is out to prove that the city of Brotherly Love can also bring the funk, and it certainly succeeds - the track sounds like it could just as easily fit in the film Jackie Brown as it does Shameless. 

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Minutes Til Midnight have quietly made some of the best electronic-infused indie rock of the last decade, but unfortunately have not reached a huge audience outside of their (and our) home Los Angeles.  

The frenzied-yet-controlled jangle guitars and smoothly psychedelic synth lines of “Vintage Hearts” were a perfect fit for this scene above in last week’s Shameless, as Fiona searches the house for money. Perhaps Minutes Til Midnight are moving closer to their 15 Minutes of Fame.

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The Acorn, like their Grammy-winning countrymen The Arcade Fire, have quite a knack for building orchestral anthems that seem to press the ‘epic’ and ‘cathartic’ buttons without going too far over the top (i.e. into post 2000’s U2 territory). 

Need an example? Look no further than this past week’s Shameless episode, as the lush “Bobcat Goldwraith” plays when Fiona comes home after an awful day, sees Frank in the living room with the kids, and then breaks down in the kitchen. 

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For the second straight week, Middle Distance Runner’s excellent “Man of the People” has been featured in Shameless, and this time the song plays as the Gallagher kids realize that it’s better to get Frank’s sobriety over with, and force him to drink. 

Shameless keeps on getting better with every episode, and “Man of the People” was just one of many noteworthy songs in this past week’s episode, “It’s Time to Kill the Turtle.” Stay tuned for more.

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